Three Important Czechoslovak Cars

When one thinks of a typical Czechoslovak car in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, one probably thinks of Mlada Boleslav\’s Skoda. But Skoda is not the only manufacturer that has been successful in both countries over the years. Other manufacturers have also produced cars that have become legends. Of course, many fine motorcycles and trucks have also been built in these countries, but we will focus only on passenger cars here.
značka Tatry

Tatra 87.
We will start with the legendary brand that mainly deals with trucks, but Tatra also has a repertoire of passenger cars. The Tatra 87 has always been known around the world, and was even named Veteran of the Year in 2010 by the New York Times. Production of this beautiful 4.7 meter
long machine ran from 1937to 1950. At the time, the Tatra 87, which reached an astonishing 160 km/h, was powered by an air-cooled V8 engine.

Skoda 1000 MB.
The next two cars are from Skoda. And everyone knows this car. This model was the first mass-produced one, and of course it has evolved technologically over the years. Like many other cars.

It was first brought back to customers in May1964and many of them are still driving around the country today. And most of them are still in excellent condition. The machine is 4 meterslongand has a freestanding body with all wheels suspended completely independently. As is typical of cars of this type, the engine is in the rear and the trunk is in the front. If you see a Skoda 1000 MB on the road, you won\’t miss it, and at the same time you won\’t confuse it with anything else.
auto v zatáčce

Shkoda Favolit .
Of course, one cannot exclude the cars one sees countless times on the road today. The Škoda Favolit has become the most popular type of Škoda car in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
. There are few people who have not owned, or at least driven, one of these Škoda models.

With this model, Skoda opted for a front engine driven by a front axle. This facilitated the creation of multiple variations. The Favolito had three choices. Hatchback , pickup, and estate. The reasons why the Favolito is still running today, and why so many Favolitos exist, are of course its quality, affordability, and unmistakably angular appearance.