Tired of people, annoyed by noise? Perhaps hypersensitivity

Hypersensitive people make up about 15-20% of the population. These people are particularly sensitive to all stimuli, can empathize well with others, empathize with all the problems in the world, and do not take kindly to chaos, noise, or the presence of multiple people together. Often the battery is overloaded and he/she becomes ill. This is a signal from my body that I need to rest more and respect my boundaries. I take everything seriously. To others, they may be difficult to read, irritable, and strange. However, they have a very strong and well-honed inner intuition.

We are born hypersensitive and have a certain sensitivity. Of course, this can be formed gradually over the course of our lives, but the basics are already present in all of us. If you yourself fit this description, read on for tips on how to deal with hypersensitivity.

Acknowledge that you are hypersensitive

Don\’t try to change yourself. Fully embrace your nature and use your hypersensitivity as a strength. You perceive more than others. You experience everything to its core. So your experience is much more colorful.


Find situations that exhaust you

It could be working on a big team, living in a big city, reading negative news, or going to events with friends every day. Your body will quickly let you know that you are tired and that it is not for you. So take steps to feel better. Set Personal Boundaries


Everything wears off much faster than others. That\’s why we get tired. Learn to rest, don\’t stay up late, and go to bed early.


Recharge your batteries

Before the term irritability became popular, these people would often visit a psychiatrist for anxiety or stress disorders. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Find something that gives you energy and practice it regularly. Yoga, nature walks, meditation, listening to relaxing music, reading books, etc.