The weekly female cycle: when to go to the dentist and when to exercise.

Week 1

During this time, women primarily seek the comfort of their homes. Hormonal changes cause more delays. However, memory improves during this week and women tend to forget fewer things. In addition, their ability to gauge others increases. However, be careful how you spend your money during this emotionally charged time. If you are in need of help, reach for an iron supplement or chamomile tea.

Ideal Activities: 17]

– Bathing

– Reading

– Time for yourself

– Relaxation

– Meditation

– Meditation Meditation

– Yoga

– Time to hold off on dessert

menstruační pomůcky

2. Week 2

This week Energy rises to its highest level. You find that you are gaining confidence and learning is becoming easier. Additionally, you remember all information better. Also, the need to apply makeup and cosmetic techniques increases during this period. You are more impulsive and eager to try new things. You feel most attractive this week and those around you perceive you as such.

Ideal activities:

– Learning

– Exercise

– Travel

– Try something new

– Social events

3. Weekly

Women feel less pain. Satisfaction increases. However, note that they are more likely to feel stress. Feel better when reaching for less fatty foods. Risk appetite decreases and they try to avoid risky situations. Exercise helps burn fat during this period. It is more enjoyable to be with a loved one than with a group of strangers.

Ideal activities:

– Go to the dentist

– See family

– See best friends

– Aerobic Oxygenated exercise

žena bolest hlavy

4. Week 4

The need for rest increases during this period. The need to work with strain. Whenever you get the chance, listen to your body, get more sleep, and don\’t procrastinate. Concentration will also suffer. Mental health issues, especially anxiety and depression, may worsen. Choose fish oil as a nutritional supplement.

Ideal activities:

– Choose clothes that are comfortable and fit well

– Get more sleep

– Do not make important life decisions

– Do not over restrict your diet, Increase beans, dark vegetables, fish, and iron-rich foods