Underwater treasure hunters who don’t dive

Enter the sea to fish, but not with a rod, not to catch fish, but to catch something only a powerful magnet can attract. Magnet fishing is becoming increasingly popular. The things that are thrown into rivers, ponds, and wells are astounding. A wide variety of things are caught, some truly valuable and even dangerous. The principle of fishing is not only for exploring the bottom of rivers and ponds. Its ability to attract ferromagnetic metals makes it an excellent tool for cleaning wells, drains, sewers, manholes, and fountains, for example. It can reliably pull out fallen tools, coins, and other snags.
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These workers have the power, thanks to which you can really “catch big fish” and get such things on the market”. Thus, the cases of motorcycles and safes pulled out whole are no exception. Catching such prey, of course, requires a strong rope. As some “fishermen” call themselves, hunters usually have ropes used on yachts. This is a special rope with a braided polyester core. If there is an iron or steel object at the point of impact, the combination of a super-strong neodymium magnet and such a rope is a guarantee to catch it. However, simply being alert and following certain rules is not enough to avoid this action. It is not uncommon for dangerous objects such as ammunition to be dragged out of the water. Also, if a weapon is “caught,” the possibility that it is an object derived from illegal activity must be considered. In such situations, it is imperative to contact the Czech police.
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The difference between them is determined by their size, weight, and the way the rope is attached, in addition to differences in performance. They are not giants in terms of size and weight, as opposed to power and what they can pull. As for weight, they range from less than half a kilo to a kilo. Some are much heavier, say 2.5 kilograms, in which case they can pull a little over a ton of weight out of the water. The diameter is about 10 cm. An important parameter is the way the rope is attached. If the attachment is installed on the edge, it will move across the relief of the flat part of the bottom when pulled, increasing its action and the likelihood of attaching the treasure. Manufacturers who satisfy the desires of treasure hunters also have this in mind.

So all that\’s left is to pick the right treasure “carrier” and head out to sea. Good luck and have fun!