Home Office

What are the benefits of a home office?

1. 1 hour longer sleep. You are not disturbed by an alarm clock.
2. no need to “throw” breakfast right away.
3. can do morning warm-ups and meditations with peace of mind.
4. not having to think about what to wear. I don\’t care if it\’s raining or sunny outside.
5. not having to worry about missing a streetcar, bus, subway, or train. If you do drive, you don\’t have to go out into busy streets.
6. save at least two hours of your time, which you can use for other tasks, children, or family. There is time to run errands, attend class meetings, or prepare for vacation.
7. stop at a nearby bistro set up for this purpose for lunch or a snack. They offer both a home-like environment and quality home-cooked food. Coffee and desserts are also available. For a change of pace, we can also make our own light and delicious food “at home.” It\’s our home.
8. we can work with our pets at our backs and look forward to the next day when we will be reunited with our colleagues. We can chat and discuss whatever is important to us, work or otherwise.
9. why invent cons when the home office is the only thing you have? As with anything, it is beneficial to both the company and the employees if done to a certain extent.
10. for most people, isn\’t this a dream job? I think so.
práce na notebooku
I could work in my garden, on a park bench, in an internet cafe, or even on the beach. This is all thanks to laptopsaka “laptops“. In other words, you can literally put it on your lap and work. It is about the size of a large laptop and can be carried in a special bag or backpack.
přenosný počítač

Home offices not only save time but also nature . By not commuting by car, one does not burden the environment with carbon dioxide. On the contrary, we can use the time saved to take a walk in the countryside. We can get to know nature better, appreciate it more, and protect it.