Where to find handmade products

If you prefer originality and unusual shapes to ordinary household products, you can go to a home furnishing supplier or an individual manufacturer. Of course, these are manufacturers you need to look for, not just encounter. Today I\’ll show you how and where to find them.

Various markets are very good sources for finding similar suppliers. Here you will find several manufacturers all in one place, so you will encounter not just one type of product, but several that may be of interest to you. Dyzajnmarket, held in Prague several times a year, is an example.
nákup botiček

Another tip is to store for natural products. Most cities have stores selling products made from natural ingredients, especially natural cosmetics and homemade foods. Some of them, like the no-packaging stores, import their products from other producers. If you do not know where to find a package store, you can find a map of package stores online.

Social networks are a very reliable source of finding similar manufacturers. You can search using hashtags. Typical examples are #handmade and #czechdesign. But you can also search for products directly from hashtags, so if you\’re looking for a soapbox, for example, try your luck using that word in the crosshairs. Alternatively, you can focus on the labels on the photos. Labels usually link to a product or store, which may offer other products.
modrá vlna

Finally, some handmade products derive from the word handmade because you can make them yourself. For example, one can easily make scrubs, various creams, or homemade foods. They are much cheaper than store-bought products, and the taste, consistency, and other ingredients are up to you. Some of the easiest things to make at home include body scrubs and alternative milks (such as oatmeal or almond milk).