A New and Unique Moment – Loss of Virginity

Needless to say, every woman loses her virginity only once. Therefore, this moment when a young woman becomes a woman with a Z should be an extremely rare process. Times are always moving forward, and it is difficult not to succumb to them, but some women are aware that moments like losing one\’s virginitycome only once in a lifetime.
dívka s korálky

You only get one chance, so don\’t make the wrong move

Many young women are impatient to finally be free of their innocent girlish feelings. But when they grow up and see things from a different angle, they regret being too young to make such an important decision, not enjoying it at all, and are reluctant to recall their first sexual experience. Today, there is pressure on girls who do not even have identification yet to promise that they will eventually lose their “wreaths”. However, this moment is not to be repeated, so if you are still defending your innocence, do not make careless decisions that you will eventually regret terribly.

No, darling, not before the wedding!

There are still some women among us who want to keep this unforgettable experience only for the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. That is why they decide to wait until the wedding when they are sure they have done the right thing. This is quite rare today, but still not completely impossible. What is also admirable is that there are still men who tolerate their free decision and, on the contrary, are very honored and delighted by the fact that they are the only one to whom their future wife will devote herself.
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[Every experience is an experience

If you have already squandered the chance for a wonderful first sexual experience, there is nothing you can do about it. Every experience moves you forward in life, and no unwise decision, even a negative one, can be repeated later . Next time you can be wiser and choose from the men in line. At least that way you\’ll know who\’s doing you a favor and who\’s just in bed.