Why did the woman get angry? They don’t make sense to you, but there may be more reasons.

naštvaná žena

Sometimes it happens to you that your loved one gets angry without saying a reason, and you waste the reasons, causes, and mistakes you unconsciously made.But because a woman does not think straight, these reasons can be more complicated than you think, but her thoughts are swept deep below the surface. It is like a tree with a pice, and in the crown it grows in all directions. So what can be a reason. Some will entertain you, others will make you shake your head.

naštvaná žena

Yes, even a dream can be the reason why a woman is angry with you. In short, she dreamed of you, and in her dreams you did something that is not so easily forgiven. You cheated on her, you were mean to her, you hurt her, you abandoned her. You can\’t control her dreams, and you can\’t blame her for what happened, but the feeling a nightmare was created in her.

Memories of bad things you\’ve done in the past come out of nowhere. Perhaps you believe that she has already forgiven you, or you yourself do not remember it at all, but she remembered, and now she is angry with you. He probably won\’t tell you, and even if he does, there\’s nothing you can do about it. You have to wait for it to disappear and think about the future. No matter what mistake you make, no one will erase you.

uražená žena

Some women know that every time they get angry, men do anything to stop them. And the minute she wants something you just wouldn\’t do for her, she plays with emotion, pretending there\’s a reason she\’s angry at you. Then you do what he wants with the belief that you actually did something. It\’s mean. Yes, of course, in love and war.

The only step is aside.

Sometimes you have to take a step next to it and have already fallen off a cliff. And that\’s exactly how it works with women. It is enough to look in the direction of another woman when walking together, raise her voice when disturbing in an important game, or forget to lower the toilet seat. But no wonder he gets angry, because perhaps this is the last drop, and then the glass simply overflows.