Are you struggling with weight gain? Let’s change it!

Most women doubt themselves, even though women are beautiful in their own right. They constantly look for their flaws and are tormented by them. Now, you have gained a couple of pounds and your clothes feel somewhat uncomfortable. What do you do? Think about your daily routine. Are you eating regularly, at the same time, or at least around the same time? Do you skip lunch and “fill up” your stomach with candy bars or fast food? If you eat a protein bar instead of lunch, protein will not save you. Protein will not save you. Besides, if you don\’t eat lunch, you will make up for it at night. You make the excuse that you need to eat a proper meal and, more importantly, you are hungry. But a regular evening meal is the beginning of the end. Especially if you haven\’t expended energy through exercise during the day.žena na lavičce v parku.jpg
Change is needed. Whether it\’s establishing a solid routine or increasing exercise.
Start slow. At work, if health and time permit, try to run up at least one floor instead of using the elevator. If your workplace is within easy reach, get up an hour earlier and walk to work. Or get off early at a public transportation station. The same goes from work. Take your time. If you can extend your commute home by 30 minutes by taking a walk in the park, do so! Look at the greenery, sit on a bench, close your eyes for a moment and relax. Be aware of the beauty around you. Smell the flowers.hamburger, nekvalitní potravina.jpg
Learn to think differently. It is not important to “rush” from place to place just to burn calories. You should feel joy and pleasure in new movements. Just taking a morning walk to get fresh air into your lungs will help oxygenate your lungs and activate your brain. It\’s no secret that an overall sense of well-being leads to weight loss. If you worry about your weight and weigh yourself every day, your body will boycott your efforts. But if you stay calm and don\’t forget a regular routine that increases energy expenditure, the weight will come off more easily.