Dangerous Country

At the mention of the word “travel,” most people fantasize and think about what countries they would like to visit.
§ On the flip side,have you ever wondered what country you would never want to visit? 10]
One such country that only adventurers would probably visit is Somalia.
A country that could be a true paradise if not destroyed by eternal warfare and strife; since the 1990s, Somalis have not had a moment\’s peace.
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– The enemy, man, is joining other enemies every minute.

– Droughts come regularly, first knocking down livestock.
– Instead, famine comes and humanity\’s turn comes. [This desperate situation was compounded by a cholera epidemicin 2011, which killed 260,000 people. People are in refugee camps, with nothing to eat and nothing to cook.
§ The capital Mogadishu is reminiscent of post-1945 Berlin.
§ It looks like a big ruin. [Mogadishu is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Not a day goes by without gunfire, kidnappings, or explosions. The Islamist terrorist group Ash-Shabaab has its roots in this city. Therefore, to feel a little safer, people pay a “voluntary” double tax. One to the government and the other to al-Shabaab. If they want to survive, they have no other choice.
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Living in hunger

There are about 10 large refugee camps around the capital. They are basically everywhere. People are living in terrible conditions. There is no medical aid, there is no food to eat. [People from rich countries cannot even imagine what it is like to live in constant hunger.
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According to humanitarian aid organizations, about 5 million people in Somalia suffer from hunger.48] About 6 million people are threatened by water shortages. Some countries could be true paradises if they were not targeted by those who profess perverted values. Will Somalia become a country where people live with normal interests and where we fly in for a vacation?