Eating on the road

Of course, one must be prepared for some limitations. Carrying two to six dumplings and a piece of sirloin will probably cause some inconvenience. So the kind traveler will powder, bag, or can his groceries, and first buy some non-perishable food items to get ready for departure.

Now that almost everything can be bought in canned or dried foods, one does not have to restrict one\’s diet so much. So you could probably eat a sirloin steak.

Food is perishable, so if the protagonist is wandering in a hot place like Africa, he must consider that he cannot bring everything he can think of. However, if he is going to the Himalayas, it is not so wild. Of course, you can\’t bring soft salami either. Because the trip to Tibet takes a long time and the salami probably won\’t last long. Because the trip to Tibet takes a long time and the salami probably won\’t last long. Or it might last a day, it might not look the same, but the salami might still give you a stomach ache.


After all, you can now buy food almost anywhere, so there is no need to carry very heavy canned goods. But if you know what it tastes like and want to enjoy something from your hometown, why not? But if not, you can actually buy it anywhere. Yes, even in the mountains, but maybe not at base camp.


How you schedule your trip is up to you. Some people want to taste the local specialties or eat at restaurants or bistros. However, one must consider that it can be a bit pricey. But it is worth the culinary experience. Those with deep pockets will need to stock up on the aforementioned.

Food and drink issues are very important while traveling. Especially water. Lack of it can be a problem. In some areas, even tap water is not allowed to drink. Do not trust that it is drinkable.