Do you know the fairy Haju?

Do you have a transistor radio at home? Only the old-timers would be able to answer this question. 7]
Just as today\’s youth cannot imagine life without tablets, in the past they could not imagine life without transistor radios.
starý tranzistor

o Nowadays, young people carry their tablets everywhere.
o I used to take my transistor everywhere.
And needless to say, old people shook their heads in disgust. In fact, nothing has changed.It\’s just that what they carry with them has changed. Young men who visited the pool without a radio were usually not taken seriously by the girls. Those were the laid-back sixties, and young people mainly wanted to have fun. The world had just discovered swing and jazzand radio didn\’t want to be left behind. And big band music, conducted by Karel Krautgartner, flooded the radio. And it had the right thrust.
radio s anténou

Opportunities for young singers

During this “dancing” period,an interesting competition called “Songs for Everyday Life”was founded. Early participants in this competition included singers such as Karel Gott, Judita Cejovska, and Josef Zima. Thanks to radio, such well-known singers as Marta Kubishová, Yvonne Přenosilová, and Helena Vondratiková also became famous. During the day, the radio sang hits like “Tresor,” “Red River,” and “Blues for You,” and at nightthe elf Haja came to put the children to bed. It was impossible to fall asleep without Vlastimir Brodsky appearing every night as a leprechaun to tell them bedtime stories. Especially if they were around six years old at the time.
sochy hudebníků
– Moms called“Hear and Write”and waited for their show, which was such a nice sock-popping experience. And it wasn\’t ghostly chatter. Jana Dichetover, Milos Kopecky, and Milan Nediera were sitting at the conference table. They made the day more enjoyable by recounting various interesting facts and curiosities.
– And the gentlemen – those who remember will surely recall the regular broadcasts of sports games.