How to choose the right partner?

If you were expecting a universal answer to the title question, we would not be able to satisfy you completely.
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Filter as you write this
If you are looking for a partner on an online dating site, you need to provide not only basic information about each other, but also your opinions, attitudes, values, and other things they might have a problem with, and perhaps meet face-to-face You should also tell them about your opinions, attitudes, values, etc., which may be problematic for them and perhaps even embarrassing if they come up when you meet face-to-face. For example, if you cannot have children and they are interested in having a large family, it is definitely a good idea to say so in the first few sentences. Also, if you already have children of your own, you should at least mention that as a courtesy. On various controversial topics, or even on religion, it is worth making one\’s opinion clear. An avowed atheist is unlikely to get along well with a fanatical Christian.

The Language of Love
To feel loved, your partner needs to speak to you in your love language. If you do not know what your love language is, you can read about it on the Internet or in books. It is definitely important to know not only your love language, but also the love language of your potential partner, but you probably won\’t know it right away. The problem here is that even if you understand each other in other respects, your love languages may not be in harmony with each other. Your partner\’s love language may be physical contact, and you may have a language of reassurance. If your partner truly cares about you, he or she will always be in tune with you.
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Have a similar approach to life
As suggested in the first paragraph, to have a happy relationship, in addition to internal closeness and harmony, you and your partner share similar views, values, attitudes, and possibly interests and ideas about the future You need to A headstrong, visionary person will not fit in with someone who is practical and down-to-earth. Someone who likes going to clubs and discos will not fit in with someone who likes to relax at home. Of course, we can try to work together, even if we have some differences. But it would be more harmonious to live with someone who has a similar view of things as you do.