Some signals that your partner does not value you

Why won\’t he accept me?

Many people ask this question. You feel that all you care about is your home, your relationship, and giving your best to your partner. But you also deserve to be cared for.13]

muž se zlomeným srdcemDid you cook a delicious dinner and not get a single “thank you”? Planning something again and forgetting to ask how you felt about it–all of these are clear signals that your partner is underestimating you. Think about whether you really want to be in a relationship where you increasingly show that you are the only one who matters most.
muž se zlomeným srdcem

These are clear signals:

Not saying “thank you”

When you try to please others by giving something, it partner should be pleased as well. The words “Honey, thank you” and “I\’m glad you\’re thinking of me” should be on the agenda. If your partner doesn\’t see it, it\’s time to open his eyes. He may finally realize what you are doing for him.

He doesn\’t care about you

Being in a relationship means sharing and helping each other. If your partner doesn\’t even follow your opinion and only makes his own decisions, then something may be wrong.

Putting you in front of the finished product

Has your partner forgotten to add you to their plans and just put you in front of the finished product, hoping you will always be available? Partnership should be based on joint planning, joint choices, and respect for your partner\’s opinion. If your relationship is not, that is a clear signal that something is wrong.
zamyšlená žena

Forgetting important moments

Anniversaries, birthdays, promotions at work, these are moments to celebrate together. If your partner forgets you, it is understandable to be disappointed. 51]

A true relationship should be based on trust. If for some reason trust is lacking then you should think about it.

Indifferent to your feelings

Did your partner notice when you were sad, had a bad day, or had a fight with a friend? This is an important signal. In these situations, your partner should be your support and be the first one to comfort you.