Jealousy in a relationship. Does it Really Worst?

Many people will tell you they are not jealous. That jealousy is an evil that destroys relationships and that they don\’t understand how anyone can be jealous. After all, people who trust each other are not jealous, and trust is the most important thing in a relationship. But is that true?

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Frankly, most people who say they are not jealous at all are lying. Or worse, they don\’t care about the other person at all. Jealousy is a perfectly natural human trait that accompanies all interpersonal relationships. How many times have parents been bothered by their children being jealous of each other? For example, one of them became ill and had to pay more attention to that child. Another child was jealous that his sibling was getting so much attention. Has your best friend become very close to someone else and you felt alienated and jealous? Even pets can be jealous. If you have more than one pet, you\’ve probably noticed. When you cuddle one, the other one immediately wants to cuddle too. This is very natural. If you love someone, want to spend time with him, or like him with a heavenly feeling, it is only natural to be jealous. You don\’t want to lose him.
It has nothing to do with trust in a relationship. Trust is generally a tricky thing, and the only person you can trust 100% is yourself. And sometimes even that. So it\’s logical that the little worry bug can get to a person. You can trust your partner 100%. He will do what he promises, he will care for you and entertain you. …… Yet, it is natural to fear that someone else will take him away from you. And that doesn\’t mean you don\’t trust him.
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Of course, this does not apply to extreme jealousy. It stands to reason that if you set the scene for each other to be jealous three times a week, the relationship will deteriorate and probably end. But if you speak ill of each other only once, that is not a tragedy. The other person in the couple will see how much you care about them. He or she will laugh off the situation and will not be upset. Rather, he or she will be pleased that you are worried about losing him or her, even though you have been together for years.