How to know if he is interested in you.

Maybe you are on the borderline between single and lover right now. Maybe someone is interested in you, or at least thinks they are. It is not easy to discern this. These are the basic signs to know if someone is interested in you.


A gift, whether it be flowers or something small, is a clear sign that someone is interested in you. No one gives a gift without a reason. Whether a man brings flowers or a woman bakes a cake, it is a sign of some affection.

Time spent together

If they are not willing, they will not make time for you. It also largely depends on what kind of time you spend together. She invites you over to her house to watch a movie. That is obviously different from taking you out with other people, i.e., friends.



The fact that he is sending you mail means he is interested in you. If they don\’t want to write to you, they won\’t. Their messages are not dry, they are aggressive, and they ask you questions about how your day went, etc. They don\’t just answer questions curtly. Sending funny pictures is also a special form of affection.



“You look nice today.” That one short sentence alone can tell you a lot. Yes, you can certainly say that to a friend. But if all the previous points apply and they tell you you “look nice” . It would not be a coincidence, and perhaps they are not thinking of you only as a friend.

The truth will always come out and there is no need to force it. Unless they directly tell you that they like you, or more than they like you, you literally know nothing. Because they will notice your actions and signals and appreciate them as much as you do. If you love them, show it. Not many people admit their affection until they are sure you feel the same way. Good luck.