Learn English in Serial

Are you fed up with memorizing English vocabulary? Not only is it boring and uninteresting, it is also not very effective. So why not combine English learning with something you love to do?
vlajka Británie
It\’s easy. Pick your favorite foreign TV show or movie. (Both spoken and written language is used, and you will learn commonly used expressions.)
Next, find a series that is broadcast in English. Lesser-known series can be a bit problematic, but classics likeFriends andHow I Met Your Mother are easy to find. There are no subtitles in Czech! Watch the original with English subtitles. Have a sticky note (preferably a different color) and a black marker on hand.14] anglický slovník
Write down all the words and sentences you don\’t understand. Always write English sentences in capital letters and translate them into English later. (Hint: writing the English translation on the other side of your notebook will help you learn.)
Be prepared to watch a 20-minute episode for 2.5 hours. If you speak too fast, you may miss some words or misunderstand the meaning of sentences. You may also want to watch the scene multiple times to remember everything.
When you have finished watching the episode, place the tickets on furniture, tables, and beds around the room. Each time you walk by, read the ticket and repeat the meaning of the words. In a short time, you should be able to recall the words.
Finally, watch the episode again, this time without English subtitles. You should be able to understand all the dialogue without problems. Then you can proceed to the next episode.
přepínání tv

This method is used by many English teachers because it is fun to learn. However, you can also use this method to expand your vocabulary while doing what you love at home.