Love begins in childhood

Love is the most important and powerful emotion in human life. All evil can only be overcome by love, but it is an exhausting journey. Love begins as a ray of emotion placed in our hearts by the One who conceives, gives birth, and nurtures us. As young children, we have no control over the emotions that surround us and can only rejoice when they are warm, pure, and abundant. As adults, we can already choose who to be friends with, who to like, and which people in our environment we prefer. Harmony, empathy, and positive energy will help us open up to those closest to us and gain their trust.
Otec a miminko
These feelings are very sensitive and sometimes fluctuate. We can feel positive or negative vibrations toward others, and we can work with these emotions and sensations. We sort out who we want to be close to and who we want to keep away, who we tell of our mistakes and suffering and who we do not. With whom do we want to distance ourselves because we feel disharmonized. If we judge with the inner radar that each of us has, we will surely know who is friend and foe. If we love people, love nature, love this world, be fair and honest but considerate of our surroundings, and follow proper rules, life will be much easier. If we have love in our hearts, we can set an example for others.
Pár na lavičce
If I smile, accept my surroundings with a positive and constructive mindset, stabilize my feelings, and firmly believe in positive thinking, it is a good gift to develop further. Life is full of pitfalls that drag us into negativity, affect us, lower our value, and get us into grief and big problems. But the journey of life is not like walking through a rose garden. I believe that if we can keep our faith and control our emotions, we will find our way. It is good to cultivate a good family environment, a sociable and friendly atmosphere. We can rely on those around us to support us and be there for us when we need them. We know that this world is beautiful and that everything in it was created for us. We pour this uplifting feeling of love into our children, our friends, our surroundings, and the world. In so doing, we too can contribute to the passage of time on this planet. Love is most felt when we fall in love with a partner who responds to our feelings. A state of feeling absolutely happy. What is happening within you is so much energy, a chemical reaction with so much positive power that it is hard to believe it is even possible. Trusting and loving others unconditionally is the most beautiful thing in the world we can experience. To receive that warm feeling and then to pass it on even more is a feeling of permanent reward. Let us believe, let us trust, let us love. With love, life is forever.