Real Love

I was looking forward to writing another article on love. Love is a pretty important subject for me. Is it for you? For me, yes. I can talk about love. Love is a beautiful thing. Especially when you feel it, you stop worrying about anything. Once you are jealous, they say, that is when you understand what love is.

But why do I love writing about this subject so much? Because it is so close to my heart. Love is dear to my heart, not only in soap operas, but also in ordinary life.


I had several such love affairs at a very young age, when I was 15, but they were never true love. True love didn\’t come until my 18th birthday. It came randomly, and we fell in love randomly. Are we together? Yes, we are still together, but our relationship started when I was in my early twenties. In fact, I was head over heels in love the first time. I wish everyone knew what true love is.


I\’ve always wanted to experience a soap opera kind of love where two people fall in love and stay together until death. How about you? Would you do it again? I would. I love soap operas, and they make you fantasize about things that aren\’t possible, but when you really believe in them, everything you come up with becomes real. I\’ve been watching soaps since my first 13th birthday and always had a dream idol. But in life, it\’s always been the exact opposite. I like men with semi-long hair and beards. But now? My idol has short hair, brown eyes, and no mustache. But looks don\’t determine everything. Love is like that. Like a heart, like a person.

Love is sweet, but it is also salty. One day it\’s cloudy, the next it\’s sunny. It is not. I want to explain what true love is. But I don\’t know if I can explain it properly. Everyone feels love differently.