Mature Women and Young Men

between older men and young womenare considered a bit odd, but more or less socially acceptable.
On the other hand, people do not consider it normal either. When an older woman and a young manhave a relationship,it usually provokes people, and many people condemn such a woman. This situation goes against the biological stereotype, so to speak. líbání při sněženíNevertheless, more and more couples in which older women have much younger partners are increasing. In the past, such cases were not so uncommon. Young men, especially from wealthy families, lost their virginity in this way.
líbání při sněžení

Why is this so?

Why do modern men seek older partners? Often for the same reason that young women seek older partners. And let us not forget Freud and his hypothesis that one compensates for one\’s unhappy childhood with an older partner and seeks the authority of dysfunctional parents. That can happen, but it is certainly not a typical example.
Another stereotype is that the young calculating man is simply after money because she is simply rich. Of course, that could also be the case.
Often, it is simply because the mature partner is impressive.
Life experience, insight, professional level, and yes, even a certain financial independence, which is confirmation of professional qualities, are all simply attractive. Add to this mature beauty, and there is nothing to be desired. [Modern medicine allows women to retain their beauty into their later years.
stání na špičkách
There is, of course, one problem with the model of older men and younger women. However, men differ from women in this respect, many of whom do not even desire children.