Loved Regular Skin Care

For every woman fighting for beautiful skin, morning should be a ritual. Some days we want to brush our teeth, comb through our hair, and walk out the door. But the older a woman gets, the more attention she should pay to her skin.

It all starts with proper cleansing
The first step should always lead to the bathroom, where under running water, the skin should be cleaned of accumulated oils and night cream residue. Refresh the skin with lotion or micellar water.
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Well-cleansed skin needs a richly nourishing serum. Concentrated serums with small amounts of various vitamins and minerals have a real positive effect on the skin. Try products with vitamin C, which prevents wrinkles and revitalizes the skin naturally. Products with aloe vera are good for sensitive skin because aloe reduces redness and inflammation.

Make yourself something tasty
It takes a few minutes for the serum to be absorbed into the skin. Therefore, now is the perfect time to have your first cup of coffee in the morning or take a shower. The product\’s action time is about 10 minutes.
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Skin needs to be moisturized
After applying the serum, it is time to treat the skin with an appropriate moisturizer or facial oil. If a moisturizer is used, it should always be applied to clean, dry skin. The oil by itself has no moisturizing power, so it should be applied to moisturized skin. Plain tap water will suffice.

Again, it is worth waiting until the cream is completely blended into the skin. Then you can begin applying makeup. If you want the makeup to last longer, set it with a setting spray or lotion.

Makeup Removal
The more mature the skin, the more attention should be paid to makeup removal. Ideally, makeup should be removed as soon as you get home, as the time that makeup remains on the skin should be as short as possible. For makeup removal, use an oil that adheres to the makeup and removes it perfectly.