Our most beautiful Waterfalls

People go to nature to explore, admire the scenery, at least try to capture them with a camera or camera lens, and of course in their own memories. Among the most beautiful natural phenomena are waterfalls. The Czech Republic can boast of them in abundance, but, of course, you can not compete with the longest waterfall in the world in Venezuela.
mumlava řeka

The height of the waterfall

In most cases, the measure of the magnitude of the waterway and the impression of the falling liquid to the depth is its height. This attribute can be measured very difficult, because the exact location of the beginning and end of this natural phenomenon is not known. But, at least roughly in volume, the longest waterfalls in the Czech Republic are Pančavskプ (less than 150m), horníčpskプ (120m) and the Rudická drop of Moravian karst with a height of 85m.
úzký vodopád

Water flow and enormity

This is a measure given in liters per second in combination with the length of the waterfall, and we know that the enormity of the water flow can be much more impressive than just its impressive length. Let\’s list the 10 most powerful:

·A huge mountain Mumlavsky – safely leads above all others in the Czech Republic. 1. It is also considered one of the most beautiful and, if you have never seen it with your own eyes, you can see in the movie the wedding trip to Jilji Joseph Abraham and Libušešafránková.
mumlava vodopád

·Rudis is in 2nd place.

·3rd place belongs to the Ostravice River waterfall in Beskydy.

·In the 4th imaginary place is the already mentioned Panchava Waterfall.

·In the 5th position there is a very impressive upper flow of the Jizera River in the Jizera Mountains.

·6th place again belongs to the black Desna Falls in the Gisela Mountains.

·The 7th most powerful is the cascade of so-called pilars, located in huge mountains.

·One of the 8th and most picturesque 1 is the Great White Elbe Falls in the Giant Mountains.

·The 9th and 10th places are shared by the large pillars of the Gisela Mountains and the Leshovsky Waterfall in Nizky・Yesenik, near the town of Ljemashov.