Pigmentation can be dealt with

Skin aging appears in all women sooner or later. Usually it is around the age of 50. Because we still want to be attractive, we can suffer from this natural phenomenon. In some women, this pigmentation can appear much younger, around the age of 40. It often appears on the face and the backs of the hands. Facial spots are caused by melanin, a natural pigment . Facial blemishes have the advantage that they can be concealed with makeup, since quality cosmetics can be purchased.
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Unfortunately, there is no such option for the back of the hands. Stains are not dangerous. If you notice a change in the texture or color of a blemish, see a dermatologist.
Can stains be avoided? Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent them completely. At the very least, you should make an effort to prevent blemishes. The definite negative factor that forms this aesthetic complication is excessive sun exposure. Think about when you were younger, before the sun damaged your skin. [In this case, the formation of blemishes is at least partially reduced. However, some women do nothing about the appearance of spots. These are women who use birth control pills for long periods of time, or women with chronic diseases that force them to take medication regularly. Sometimes spots appear as a result of liver damage. This is called melasma.
ruce starého člověka
If this cosmetic defect is very bothersome, the pigmentation can be removed. Most dermatologists now offer this option. Laser removal is the most common. If one is concerned about such a procedure, one can try bleaching cream first. It can be bought at any pharmacy. The disadvantages are the relatively high price and the fact that you have to wait a little longer to see results than with cosmetic procedures. The effects of these whitening creams are quite gradual.