Why do we age unnecessarily fast

Too much sitting

People used to work a lot outside and in the fields. It was demanding, but it helped them stay in shape. Nowadays, you don\’t have to move at all unless you want to. From the garage to work, to the mall, and home. I drive my kids to clubs. It has been proven that elderly people living in the countryside are in better health than those living in the city. This is because people in the villages tend to their gardens, walk to the store, and ride bicycles.

Tip: Incorporate more exercise into your life. If you have a sedentary job, try to go for a walk at least four times a week. And plan to go outdoors on the weekends.


You are putting too many toxic substances into your body

Tobacco and alcohol. These habits may make you feel better temporarily, but they are not good for your body at all. Cigarettes accelerate skin aging, cause wrinkles, yellowing of nails, and finally trigger lung cancer. Also, breaking down alcohol is hard. It puts a strain on the liver, reduces the quality of sleep, and dehydrates the body.

Tip:Really minimize these toxins


Poor diet

If you eat a poor diet, you may face two problems. One is not getting enough nutrients for the body to function properly. And the second problem is being overweight, which puts a strain on the joints.

Tip: Don\’t go on a diet that only provides a yo-yo effect. Keep a comprehensive diet high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, lean meats, fish, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fermented dairy products, olive oil, and fermented foods

Lack of sleep

Sleep is the alpha-omega of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep affects everything. We all know that when we don\’t get enough sleep, we become distracted, less focused, and more irritable. Skin becomes dull and dark circles form under the eyes.

Tip: Sleep 7-8 hours daily in a well-ventilated, dark room

Too much stress

You cannot avoid stress completely. There is always something going on. However, try not to stress about things you cannot control. Take deep breaths (breathe deeply to oxygenate every cell in your body), develop a relaxation routine (yoga, tai chi), take a walk in the woods (nature is calming), and take care of yourself even when you are stressed.

Tip:Limit cell phones and social networking

during times of stress.