The Phenomenon of Babywearing

Babywearing has recently become a booming trend. Some people condemn babywearing, while others praise it. Babywearing may seem like a modern convenience, but it is as old as human society, as it was the only means of transporting children before the advent of the pram. What can we imagine from this term? It is the carrying of children in various types of carriers and scarves.matka s dítětem.jpg
Benefits of Babywearing

    Cognitive and social skill development

  • Babies cry less
  • Heart rate and body temperature stabilize
  • Good for hip development – need to choose the right ergonomic carrier and scarf
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  • First aid for infant colic
  • Freeing parents\’ hands


    Types of stretchers

      • Scarves

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        • The most traditional way of carrying the baby. A long strip of cloth that connects the baby to the parents. When choosing a scarf, it must be designed to be worn directly by the child.
        • It can be used from the time the child is born.
      • Singing ring

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        • Can also be described as a scarf with two rings at the end, used to bind the baby
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        • The main advantage is the speed with which it can be tied
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        • Not suitable for people with back problems
      • Stretcher
        • It is important that stretchers are ergonomic
        • Stretchers should be ergonomic.

        • Cloth or scarf
        • Buckles or tie-downs

          • Buckled stretcher – waist belt and straps buckled
        • Some types of carriers can be used from birth
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      When choosing a baby carrier, it is a good idea to find a local organization that will loan you a carrier before you purchase one. Every baby is different, and not everyone is suited to a particular type of carrier. You want your baby to be happy.dvě malé děti.jpg

      Proper carrying

        However, it is important to follow the principles of proper carrying in order to avoid harming the baby more than it helps.

        • Vertical holding
        • Correct posture

          • Scarves and carriers should encircle the baby\’s body in such a way that the baby\’s weight is properly distributed and does not place too much strain on the baby\’s body
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          • Head Securing.

            • Must not twist abruptly
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          • Rounding of the back.

            • Rounding of the spine – Spine development is still occurring, but biaxial curvature of the spine occurs as the child\’s psychomotor development progresses
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          • There is sufficient substance between the knees.

            • In the first few months of life, the pelvis and hip joints are still developing. Therefore, the correct position of the hip joints must be maintained. The so-called M-position is the position that the legs take when worn correctly
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