Tips on how to organize your home cleaning

Some practical Tips:

  • All items have a special place to store immediately after use and do not leave them in places they do not belong to.
  • Clean one room and move to another when finished.
  • Regularly rub clothes, cosmetics, as well as food.
  • Take your time and organize your closets and storage space well.
  • means to make with vinegar or just to make,
  • Take a good cleaning product with baking soda and citric acid (such as a mop)
  • Write a cleaning plan in your diary and stick to it
  • Delegate individual cleaning activities to the rest of the family.


It requires a clear plan

Write down a detailed cleaning plan on a large piece of paper and stick to it. It is always necessary to indicate not only what needs to be cleaned, but also when it needs to be cleaned. Put the paper in the refrigerator so that you can see it. You can sort the plans as follows:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • seasonal

To keep your home clean and tidy, it\’s best to clean in small portions every day. In this way, you can avoid the whole weekend. Instead of cleaning, you can go on a trip, it is already worth it, right?


What little things can help you clean your home?

Make a bed immediately after waking up, fill the dishwasher in the evening and take it out in the morning before breakfast. These are trifles, but exactly such trifles will save you a lot of time as a result.

Tips:Every night, take 10-15 minutes to turbo clean, fold your clothes, clean your dishes, and prepare your wallet for work the next day. 

Cleaning Tips as You Go

Learn to simplify your life. If cleaning is not your hobby at all, you probably won\’t want to spend half your life with it. Take out the basket on the way out of the apartment, put the dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher and wash the shower immediately after the shower. 

Tip:Every time you leave a room, get rid of what you need and what doesn\’t belong there as well.