What do men find attractive in women, according to our own research

, what is it about women that attracts men to them, without make-up– relatively many respondents describe as attractive a partner who can cook, do housework, flowers, garden, mow the lawn, or even paint a pergola without make-up. The natural appearance of a woman in motion is extremely sexy.
Smell – The subtle scent of a woman\’s skin without perfume or lotion turns most men on.
Specific sportswear – To be clear, voluptuous curves accentuated by sportswear can have a wonderful effect. This desire is most evident in tennis skirts, gym clothes, and synchronized swimming, but volleyball and basketball players have also had considerable success.
dívka s melounem
Long hair– For what it\’s worth, the shorter the haircut, the longer the mustache, generally the better, although there are exceptions. Having long hair down or tied into a ponytail is simply a sex symbol.
Ordinary vegetable soup– Seriously, have you ever noticed how sexy it is to watch a girl spontaneously spoon soup and enjoy it? Something that can be enjoyed in a natural way has charm and power to attract people. Even if it is just an ordinary soup.
Summer Dresses-Sometimes even an ill-fitting garment, like a loose-fitting strapless summer dress, can be a stimulating stimulus. They awaken the imagination of what might be hidden beneath the thin fabric, sometimes a greater attraction than promenading in a bathing suit.
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– People today are very alienated by cell phones and e-mail. It is much better to speak directly into the voice, without a microphone or webcam. Greeting someone politely, showing a hint of interest, but in a non-serious manner can be very effective. Everyone wants to be loved, and preferably physically loved.
Small, big, fat, skinny-The ideal of beauty does not exist. Whether you are fit or skinny. The human soul is really always best.