What looks good (and not so good) on every woman

When two different women wear the same dress, you will quickly notice that one will look better than the other. It is a matter of assumption, and it does not matter if you are the formal type or the type that prefers comfort and convenience. There is simply something that does not suit everyone, and it requires a certain prerequisite. What are they?

Red lipstick

Red lipstick has long been something of a symbol of beauty. There was even a time when every well-dressed woman wore it on her lips. Nowadays, however, it is clear that red lipstick does not suit all women. Why is that? Simply because it does not go with any outfit, any hairstyle, and any lips. Red is sexy, but elegant at the same time. No woman in history has been more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe. But that is because Marilyn Monroe, a symbol of sex appeal, was herself a voluptuous woman, and her perfection was only emphasized by this shade of lipstick. Plump lips, voluptuous figure, beautiful face, fluffy hair. Yes, in this case, it\’s perfect. However, if your lips are rather thin-lined and your style is mainly formal or sporty, a red lipstick would look rather ridiculous. The same is true if you are already at a certain age, your skin is adorned with time wrinkles, and you are trying to solve everything with a flashy red lipstick. No, there really are no miracles.

červená rtěnka

Shaved heads

Shaved heads and hedgehog hairstyles are no longer just for men. And some women find this practical and unpretentious hairstyle attractive. However, this is not always the case. The face, neck, and skull must be in good shape. In the best case, you can get a sexy hairstyle without work. But in the worst case, you will look like you have leukemia.

vyholená hlava


Leggings can be worn by anyone, but only in one way. Wearing leggings instead of pants is sexy and good in some cases, but only if you are in shape. It\’s not about being slim; it\’s about having a toned butt and nicely shaped thighs. Also, remember that while body type doesn\’t matter when it comes to sheer leggings, this item only looks good under dresses and tunics.