Women as active drivers Many women have driver\’s licenses but do not actively drive, and many women do not have or want to have a driver\’s license at all. Why are there so many male drivers?

Have you noticed that in the 21st century, having a driver\’s license is still a male privilege? No, it is not. And did you know that many women do not even have or want a driver\’s license? And even if they do have a license, some women do not actively drive. Why is that and what are these women afraid of? [Men drive and women sit in the passenger seat, men race and women cheer in the stands, men become mechanics and women pack lunches for work, men have cars as a hobby and women prefer to dig around in the yard. Are we still living in this stereotype? Yes, we do. For women, cars are not a hobby they want to spend time on, nor are they a priority to operate and drive.
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Yes, and yet the exceptions prove the exception. While there are women who love to drive, drive frequently and aggressively, take good care of their cars, and often maneuver them better than the men themselves, in many cases we see a different model.

What does a woman do next after she gets her license and goes to driving school? Do they immediately buy their own car? In most cases, no. Sometimes they borrow a car from a family member or partner, sometimes they help out on a long drive.

Women are afraid to drive, are cautious and do not have the right sense to assess the situation. Today we encounter situations every day where women slow traffic on the road, are intimidated by male drivers, or fail to park in all the right places because they cannot maneuver their cars properly. For example, fear increases when a woman has her own children in the car. The woman feels fear, and all of these situations only reinforce the fact that she does not feel confident or safe behind the wheel.
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And it is precisely at that point when women no longer feel confident and safe behind the wheel that many women give up driving and instead become active co-drivers or use other modes of transportation. Women who are not actively driving will start driving once or twice a year, months or years later, at which point they actually become a danger to themselves and others.

Only active drivers, whether male or female, should take the wheel.