Women want love or money.

Multiple women want to be pampered her whole life. Attention and the desire for gifts is really great, and a woman is not alien to her. What values are more rare for women? It\’s love for a man or his money.
romantický pár

1 Male selection

A single woman has many options to choose the perfect man for her. She sees everywhere she goes, dividing men into different categories.
*A woman who is disappointed in loveyearns above all for a white horse knight and endless love for her alone. These are the types of women who live in fairy tales, and we can say that they are sure that such women are not interested in property.
*A purposeful woman who has ambitiondoes not want only love. Perhaps, she is also interested in the financial situation and future of a man, because somehow she relies on the fact that love and infatuation eventually disappear,he can offer her on a high account.
rudé růže

2 Happiness in love

Every, every woman wants a man to love her. Love brings a woman a sense of uniqueness, uniqueness and filling an empty place in her heart. Some women want to be loved more, others want to be loved more. Indeed, there are many women who know that all they need in life is to have men who love themselves.In fact, it should be. When two people find each other and spend the rest of their lives together, it is romantic, beautiful and sometimes really rare.
pár v lásce

3 A Better Life and a Better Future

Unfortunately, it is rather unusual than the rule that men have everything. Therefore, if you come across a man who gives you the love of your life and possessions you have never dreamed ofsometimes you win virtually, but love lies and women look around for what men can offer them. They want to be better and know that a beautiful and prosperous future awaits them. What do women want with the rich.
* No obligation, freedom to enjoy a possible life.
* Luxury facilities in large houses and villas.
* Possibility to travel and spend some holidays in the year.
It is no longer necessary to count all the crowns.
* Pamper and pamper all now and then with some gifts.
A car they will never buy and suddenly they have it all on their own.
Unstoppable shopping – clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics without looking back to see if they can afford it.
It\’s hard to say which life is better. You can choose the path you want to go by yourself. In life, everything is balanced, and no one has everything. Therefore, decide whether you want love or monetary value.